Friday, January 5, 2018

Upcoming Events January 8th to January 14th, 2018

January 8th, 2018
Office is closed
January 10th, 2018 
2:00pm  Lectionary Bible study @ church
January 11th, 2018
8:00am  Men’s and Women’s Bible Study @ Bogani Cafe
11:15am  Holy Communion @ St. Joseph’s Hospital
January 13th, 2018
10:30am  Sandwich preparation for ICPM lunch @ church
4:30pm – 7:30pm  Crosslife Church rental
January 14th, 2018 (2nd Sunday after Epiphany)
9:00am  ICPM lunch @ Bissell Centre
9:00am  Holy Communion
10:30am  Holy Communion and Sunday School

Daytime Lectionary Bible Study: Wednesday afternoons 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. @ the church, starting this week on January 10th, 2018.
Anyone who wishes to participate will meet each week to look at one of the scripture passages set in the lectionary for the following Sunday (usually the one Tim plans to preach on!). This will be an ongoing group and people are welcome to come when they can.

Inner City Pastoral Ministry Lunch (ICPM) at the Bissel Center Sunday January 14th, 2018 9am.
We are still in need of the following for the ICPM lunch next weekend:
- cookies/cakes, raw un-cut vegetables and fruit  Please bring them
  to the church on Saturday morning or call Debbie for pick up.
- 100 plastic bags
- one volunteer to help Debbie pick up food on Wednesday or
  Thursday this week
On Saturday, January 13th, St. Margaret's will be open at 10:30am to make sandwiches. Debbie Legere will be there at 10:00 am to set up tables, etc. Anyone wanting to help with that is welcomed.
For those helping out at the Bissell Centre on Sunday, please be there for 9:00 am. New address is 10527 - 69 Street NW (West side). Anyone needing a ride, please let Debbie know. Please contact the church office at 780-437-7231 for Debbie's contact info.

Life in the Eucharist: A Children’s Communion Program.
During Lent (i.e. February and March) our church will be running a 'Life in the Eucharist' program of communion education for our kids. This program was designed to be used with children between the ages of seven and nine, but has been found to be useful one or two years either side of that as well. If you would like to participate in this program, please let us know by January 12th so we can order materials for everyone. The materials will be funded by our Reach Campaign monies.

Reading the Gospel of Mark during Lent and Easter: An Invitation from Tim

The Gospel of Mark is our earliest written source for the story of Jesus, and the shortest of the four gospels. This year I would like to invite you to read through Mark during Lent and Easter. We have divided the book into 63 short daily sections. We will start on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14th), skip weekends, and finish on May 11th.

How would you like to participate? There are three options:

‘I would like to do the daily readings from the Bible’. A list of readings will be provided to you in hard copy or by email.

‘I think I will need a little help to understand what I’m reading’. Alright – I would recommend the little book ‘Mark for Everyone’ by New Testament scholar Tom Wright. For each day’s reading he gives his own translation of the passage and then some excellent explanatory notes for understanding and application. The book is available for order online from Indigo and Chapters and can also be easily purchased in Kindle or Kobo format.

‘I think I will need to buy the book, but I don’t feel confident ordering it for myself’. We will purchase it for you (cost will be $17.82 plus tax and shipping), but you need to let Melanie know by Janurary 19th so the books can be ordered and be here in time for Ash Wednesday. You can email her at or call 780-437-7231.

There is a sign up sheet in the foyer so that you can let us know which of the above options you choose.

Our first ‘Food, Fun and Fellowship’ is on Friday January 26th from 6 – 8 pm.

This is our ‘new and upgraded’ reboot of Spaghetti Church (a monthly event for families with children that we used to run on Saturday afternoons). The event will begin with a supper, followed by a child-friendly time of singing, Bible teaching and prayer. Some activity (crafts, games etc.) will follow, and the evening will close with hot chocolate and a candle prayer time.

How does this differ from ‘Spaghetti Church’?

1. Food will be provided from our REACH budget, but donations to defray expenses will be accepted. We have some volunteers who have offered to prepare food each month. We will always welcome others who would like to help out.
2. We would like to extend an invitation to everyone, not just those with kids, to join us. We would also like to extend a welcome to anyone from the community who may wish to spend an evening with us. So please invite friends.
3. Our hope is to have one family, or a few individuals, run the ‘activity’ time each month, as well as help out with the teaching time and prayers. There are many ideas and resources available which will assist in helping you to prepare.
4. We will typically meet the last Friday of each month from January to April and then break for the summer. (Date will be adjusted in March due to Good Friday)

The themes for next four months will be:
January – Creation
February – A New Start
March – New life in Jesus (Easter)
April – New life in the Spirit (Pentecost)
 There is a sign up sheet in the foyer for January 26th, 2018. If you have any questions, please email Melanie at 

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