Thursday, November 17, 2016

This Week at St. Margaret's

Events This Week
Note: Tim is away this week. 
November 21st, 2016
Office is closed
November 24th, 2016
7:00am Men’s and Women’s Bible study @ Bogani Café
November 27th, 2016 (Advent 1) (The Rev. Sarah Holmström)
9:00am  Holy Communion 
10:30am  Holy Communion  

Annual Christmas Variety Concert and Pageant: Sunday December 4th at 7.00 p.m. This concert will be a fundraiser for the World Vision Raw Hope project. Tickets are now on sale for $10 each or $30 per immediate family. There is also a sign up sheet in the foyer for those who would like to help out with homemade goodies for after the concert.

Please check out our monthly announcement sheet for more upcoming events. If you have not received a copy or have changed your email address, please update your email with Tim or Melanie. Extra copies are available on the table at the back of the church.

Pre-authorized Giving: The Diocese of Edmonton has  a Pre-Authorized Giving Program using automatic account debit to assist you in supporting your own parish ministry.
 Advantages for the donor: 
• Convenience. Your offering is received automatically every month. 
• Continual support of your church when you are away. 
• Continual support of ministries and programs. 
• Changes may be made any time with written notification. 
 Advantages for the parish: 
• Regular, dependable flow of contributions to the parish.  
• Reduction of paperwork and book- keeping. Donation to be made on the 1st or 15th of the month. 
• Authorization forms are on table in foyer

The Rev. Tim Chesterton is on holiday Nov 21st-28th and will be back at work Tuesday, Nov 29th. Services on Sunday Nov 27th will be led by The Rev. Sarah Holmström, Associate priest at All Saints Cathedral. 

Emergency pastoral care in Tim’s absence will be provided by The Rev. Susan Ormsbee, rector of St. Paul’s Leduc. Please contact her via St. Paul's Leduc.

Our parish has begun our annual Fall Stewardship Initiative. Letters were emailed out to everyone for whom we have an email address on Wednesday this week. If we do not have an email for you, please pick up your letter on the table in the foyer (leftovers will be mailed out on Tuesday). Please return your “statement of intent” form by Sunday December 11th.  

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