Friday, September 16, 2016

'Helping My Church to Grow' (upcoming sermon series)

Exploring some simple things we can all do to help our church grow with integrity.

September 18th: Four Ways a Church Can Grow
1. Growing in numbers, 2. Growing as Disciples,
3. Growing in Community, 4. Growing in Influence

September 25th: Making a Commitment to My Own Spiritual Growth
Growing churches tend to be made up of people who are growing as disciples of Jesus. Am I further ahead in my Christian growth than I was a year ago? What are two or three specific things I will do this year to grow as a follower of Jesus?

October 2nd: Making a Commitment to Welcome
Growing churches are made up of people who go out of their way to welcome visitors and newcomers rather than just leaving it to others to look after. What are two or three simple things I can do to make sure visitors to our church know they are welcome?

October 16th: Making a Commitment to Ministry
Growing churches are made up of people who all see themselves as ministers. In the Bible, ‘ministry’ means ‘service’. God is calling all people to serve him in different ways. What is my spiritual gift? How can I use it to serve God?

October 23rd: Making a Commitment to Generosity
Growing churches are made up of people who believe in the work God is doing in the world, and give generously to help make it happen. How can I use my material wealth to help further the work of God’s kingdom?

October 30th: Making a Commitment to Invite

Jesus is always inviting people to follow him. Growing churches are made up of people who believe in what God is doing in their congregation, and invite others to experience it too. How can I relax and learn to enjoy inviting people to join us for worship?

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