Friday, January 8, 2016

January 11th - 17th, 2016

Events This Week
January 11th, 2016
  Office is closed
  3:30 pm  Music Rental
January 12th, 2016
  11:15 am  Holy Communion at St. Joseph’s Hospital
January 14th, 2016
7:00 am  Men and Women’s Bible Study @ the Bogani Cafe
January 16th, 2016
  7:00 pm  Malankara Rental
January 17th, 2016
  9:00 am   Holy Communion
  10:30 am Holy Communion & Sunday School
The Ladies of St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church would like to invite you to a Curry Dinner on the feast of St. Timothy and St. Titus on January 24th, 2016  at 5:00 pm being held at PrayerWorks Common – 11725 – 93 Street Edmonton.  Admission is $10 and children under 6 are free.   There will be an Evensong Service following the dinner at 7:00 pm.

Dates to Remember:
Tuesday January 19th – Faith, Fun and Fellowship begins again with a ‘Free for All’
Saturday January 23rd – 10-2:30 pm  Lay Reader Training (moved from the 16th).
Saturday January 30th – 4-6 pm  Spaghetti Church
Tuesday February 9th – 5-7pm  Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Wednesday February 10th – 7:30 pm Ash Wednesday Holy Communion & Ashes
Sunday February 21st – 12 noon – Annual General Meeting

Retrouvaille               A Lifeline for Marriage – Retrouvaille helps couples through difficult times in their marriages. Has your marriage passed through the Romance stage? Retrouvaille is designed to provide the tools to help get your marriage back on track. It will give you the opportunity to rediscover each other and examine your lives together in a new and positive way. This program has helped 10’s of 1000’s of couples experiencing marital difficulty at any stage. For confidential information or to register for the program beginning with a weekend on Mar 11-13, 2016.
Ph                 780-577-1474    Website

Winnifred Stewart: Empties to Winn Project
Please feel free to bring some or all of your empty bottles (juice, milk, cans, and other beverage containers) and drop them in our bags. Please support Winnifred Stewart! Thank you!

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