Friday, September 11, 2015

September 14 - 20th, 2015

Events This Week

September 14th, 2015
  Office is closed
September 15 -18th, 2015
  Office is open.
September 15th, 2015
  11:00 am  Service at Rutherford Retirement Residence
  7:00 pm  Faith, Fun & Fellowship: Wine, Hymns & Songs
September 16th, 2015
  7:15 pm  Vestry meeting
September 17th, 2015
  7:00 am  Men’s and Women’s Bible Study @ the Bogani Cafe
September 19th, 2015
  7:00 pm  Malankara Rental
September 20th, 2015     17th Sunday after Pentecost
  9:00 am   Holy Communion
 10:30 am  Holy Communion and Sunday School

Sunday School will begin this Sunday September 13th, 2015!
Please be prepared to take a moment to register your child(ren) on this day. Forms will be given out to the children during Sunday School and will be collected after the 10:30 am service. Registration will run until Back to Church Sunday, September 27th, 2015.

Anglican Marriage Encounter Weekend
November 6-8, 2015 – Providence Renewal Centre
“Take your Marriage to a whole new level”.
For more information please contact Gary & Kathy Hughes at 780-437-7231. 

Back to Church Sunday: September 27th
In company with many churches around the world we are once again observing the last Sunday in September as ‘Back to Church Sunday’. This is a day when we are encouraged to invite friends or family members who do not normally come to church; we try to make the services easy to follow, and the sermon helpful for non-church people.

This year our theme will be ‘Getting into the Bible’, and I’m pleased to announce that Sylvia Jayakaran and Doug Sanderson have agreed to let me interview them at both services about their experiences of reading and studying the Bible: how they got interested in it, what excites them about it, what challenges they’ve faced in understanding and applying it, what their Bible reading habits are, and so on.
Please pray and ask God to guide you about who you might invite to join us for worship on these Sundays. There are invitations on the back foyer table. Help Yourself!

Wine, Hymns and Songs
The second of our 'Faith, Fun and Fellowship' Tuesday evening events will take place this week on the 15th: 'Wine, Hymns and Songs'. Bring a bottle of wine (or, if you prefer, a non-alcoholic beverage) and maybe a few munchies to share. We will have the event in the basement 'in the round'; we will start with three or four songs from the orange hymn book and the blue song book, and then will open the floor up for requests, so please come with one or two requests in mind. If you would like us to sing something that is not in either of our books, feel free to bring a lyric sheet and we'll have the photocopier fired up so that you can make copies. Later on in the evening we might learn one or two new songs/hymns as well. Please sign the sheet in the foyer so we have a general idea of how many are coming!

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