Friday, July 11, 2014

Events This Week 
July 14th , 2014
Office is closed 
The office will be open Tuesday through Friday
July 19th , 2014
7:00 pm   Malankara Church Rental
July 20th, 2014   6th Sunday after Pentecost
9:00 am  Holy Communion
10:30 am  Holy Communion

Sunday September 28th is 'Bring a Friend Sunday'
(‘Back to Church Sunday’)

Our services on this day will be Holy Communion at 9.00 and Gospel Music Service at 10.30.
By far the most effective method of spreading the Good News of Jesus is friend to friend; this has been proved over and over again. In preparation for Bring a Friend Sunday:
Ask God to guide you about which friend(s) (who do not normally go to church anywhere) you should invite to come to church with you on that day. Pray for them, and pray for the wisdom to know the best way to invite them.
Don’t be afraid: this is the command most often repeated in the Bible! The words are very simple: ‘Would you like to come to church with me?’ It sounds scary, but it’s far less scary than ‘Will you marry me?’ and many of us have managed to survive that one! Simply give your invitation and then leave the results in God’s hands.

Tim's Holidays
Tim will be on holiday from July 21st - August 18th inclusive.
We’re very happy to have the Rev. Matthew Oliver leading worship for us on Sunday July 27th and Sunday August 10th. Matthew is no stranger to our parish, having helped us out before from time to time.
Morning Worship will be led on August 3rd by Doug MacNeill and on August 17th by Brian Popp. Our lay readers put a lot of work into preparing for the Sundays when they lead worship; please support them in this ministry by continuing to come together as the family of God to worship under their leadership.
Emergency Pastoral Care while Tim is on holiday:
*  July 21st – July 30th: The Rev. Sheila Hagan Bloxham
*  July 31st – August 7th: The Rev. Alexandra Meek Sharman
*  August 8th – 16th: The Rev. Sheila Hagan Bloxham
*  August 17th to 18th: The Rev. Susan Oliver Martin 
If you are experiencing a pastoral emergency and you need the services of a priest, please contact one of our churchwardens: Brian Popp (780-430-4734), Doug Sanderson (780-430-7812), or Sally Floden (780-434-4173) and they will put you in touch with Sheila or Sue.    

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