Friday, June 27, 2014

Roster for July 2014

July 6th, 2014  4th Sunday after Pentecost
Coffee between services
Greeter/Sidespeople:  The Aasens           
Counter: C. Aasen/ D. Sanderson                                   
Reader: T. Cromarty                                   
(Genesis 24: 34-38, 42-49, 58-67,Psalm 45: 11-18,
 Romans 7: 15-25a)
Lay Administrants: E. Gerber/L. Thompson                       
Intercessor: D. MacNeill                                   
Lay Reader: D. MacNeill            (Matthew 11: 16-30)           
Altar Guild (green)M. Woytkiw/L. Pyra                                   
Kitchen: - 9:45 am  J. Johnston           
Music:  M. Chesterton

July 13th, 2014  5th Sunday after Pentecost
Greeter/Sidespeople: T. Willacy/B. Cavey           
Counter: T. Willacy/B. Cavey                                   
Reader: M. Rys                                   
(Genesis 25: 19-34, Psalm 119: 105-112, Romans 8: 1-11)
Lay Administrants:  M. Rys/T. Wittkopf                                               
Intercessor: C. Aasen                                   
Lay Reader:  L. Thompson            (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23)           
Altar Guild: (green)M. Lobreau/T. Wittkopf                       
Kitchen: M. Chesterton
Music:  E. Thompson           

July 20th, 2014  6th Sunday after Pentecost
Greeter/Sidespeople: T. Wittkopf/ T. Cromarty           
Counter: T. Wittkopf/D. Sanderson                                   
Reader: S. Watson                       
(Genesis 28: 10-19a, Psalm 139: 1-11, 22-23, Romans 8:12-25)
Lay Administrants: C. Aasen/D. MacNeill                       
Intercessor: L. Thompson                                   
Lay Reader:  B. Popp            (Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43)           
Altar Guild (green)P. Major/A. Shutt                                      
Kitchen: M&A Rys                       

July 27th, 2014  7th Sunday after Pentecost (M. Oliver) HC
Greeter/Sidespeople: The Schindels           
Counter: D. Schindel/S. Jayakaran                                   
Reader: D. MacNeill                                               
(Genesis 29: 15-28, Psalm 128, Romans 8: 26-39)
Lay Administrants: M. Rys/D. MacNeill
Intercessor: E. Gerber                       
Lay Reader:  E. Gerber            (Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52)           
Altar Guild (green): M. Woytkiw/L. Schindel
Kitchen: B. Cavey
Music: S&A Jayakaran                       

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