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This Week at St. Margaret's - July 7, 2013

This Week at St. Margaret’s..

Weekly Calendar
July 8th, 2013
Office is closed.

July 12th, 2013 
3:00 pm   Corporation Meeting @ Bogani’s

July 13th, 2013 
7:00 pm  Malankara Church Rental

July 14th, 2013   Pentecost 8
9:00 am  Holy Communion
10:30 am  Holy Communion

Jen is away on holidays from June 30th, 2013 until July 16th. Brenda Schimke will be filling in on Thursdays if you need admin help.

Back to Church Sunday!   Sunday September 29th, 2013
Back to Church Sunday is an opportunity to invite someone who does not normally attend church to come to church with you and experience the difference the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make to a community of people!

Some people get the wrong idea about ‘Back to Church Sunday’ because of the name: they think we can only invite people who used to be churchgoers but for some reason have stopped going.  This is not the case. ‘Back to Church Sunday’ is for former churchgoers, people who have never attended church, people who say they are ‘spiritual but not religious’, people who believe in God, and people who aren’t sure whether they believe in God or not. If someone is your friend and you think God is guiding you to invite them, do it—you might be surprised at their response!

Inner City Pastoral Ministry Lunch:
St. Margaret’s in partnership with Annunciation RC Church will be providing and serving lunch at the Bissell Center on Sunday July 21st. We normally serve about 300 people. As in the past a sign up sheet will be at the back of the church for those wishing to help out. We require:
Desserts – finger desserts such as squares or cookies.
Prepared raw vegetables – carrots, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower, peppers or cherry tomatoes. (please do not include dips.)
Fruit – bananas, apples, oranges, melon or grapes
Please indicate the amount of food you will be providing. If you prefer to make a donation please enclose it in your Sunday offering and mark it ICPM. The last few years our expenses have exceeded our donations. We will purchase all the sandwich ingredients as well as pickles, coffee, sugar, juice crystals, paper products, ect.
On Sat. July 20th, 2013 we will be making the sandwiches in the Church basement (10:00 am ) and will required 10 people. If you have extra plastic grocery bags could you leave them in the church kitchen. We require about 100 to send out extra sandwiches to the homeless.
On Sunday July 21st we require 10 people at the Bissell Center to prepare, serve lunch and clean up ( 9:00 am – 1:30 pm). The Bissell Center is located at 10503 96th Street with parking and access at the back.
We have quite a few volunteers but still require 3 – 4 additional ones for each day. If you are able to help please contact M. Woytkiw @ 780-434-0311 or M. Chesterton @ 780-432-2255.

Pre-authorized Giving: The Diocese of Edmonton has  established a Pre-Authorized Giving Program using automatic account debit to assist you in supporting your own parish ministry.
Why Should I Participate?  
Convenience. Your offering is
received automatically every month.
 Continual support of you church
when you are away.
 Continual support of ministries and
 Changes may be made any time with
written notification.
 Regular, dependable flow of
contributions to the parish.
Reduction of paperwork and book-
When you participate in pre-authorized giving your bank account will  automatically be debited. This amount will be credited to your parish’s account.
How Do I Enroll?
 Obtain an authorization form from your
parish representative or the parish office.
 Put the form along with a void cheque in an
envelope for the offering plate.
Who  Looks  After  The  Program?  
The Diocese of Edmonton  administers the pre-authorized giving  program  on behalf  of  your parish. The full amount of the donation  is  transferred  to  your parish’s bank account. 
How will charitable donation receipts be handled?  
Each  charitable  receipt  will  credited to you by your parish and a receipt for the donations received  will  be  is sued  by  the  parish  at  the  year  end. 

Winnifred Stewart: Empties to Winn Project
Please feel free to bring some or all of your empty bottles (juice, milk, cans, and other beverage containers) and drop them in our bag. We have special bags to take home if you wish or you can bring your empties in plastic bags! Please support this project supporting Winnifred Stewart! Next pickup dates are July 12th & August 2nd.

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