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December 2012

Sun. 2nd (Advent 1):
Holy Communion at 9.00 and 10.30 a.m. with coffee hour between the services.
Sun. 2nd 7:00 p.m. Christmas Variety Concert and Pageant (see below).
Thurs. 6th: 7 a.m. Men’s and Women’s Bible Study groups (Bogani Café).
Thu. 6th 11.30 a.m. ‘The Lunch Bunch’ at the church (see below).
Thu. 6th 2 p.m. Women’s Bible Study at Marg Rys’ home (3404-114 St.)
Fri. 7th: 3.30 p.m.: Corporation Meeting
Sun. 9th (Advent 2): Holy Communion at 9.00 and 10.30 a.m.
Thurs. 13th: 7 a.m. Men’s and Women’s Bible Study groups (Bogani Café).
Thurs. 13th: 2 p.m. Women’s Bible Study at Marg Rys’ home (3404-114 St.)
Sun. 16th (Advent 3): Holy Communion at 9.00 and 10.30 a.m.
Tue. 18th: 11:15 a.m. Holy Communion at St. Joseph’s Hospital.
Wed. 19th: Vestry Meeting (church).
Thurs. 20th: 7 a.m. Men’s and Women’s Bible Study groups (Bogani Café).
Sun. 23rd (Advent 4): Holy Communion at 9.00 a.m. Carol Service and Bring a Friend Sunday at 10.30 a.m. (see below).
Mon. 24th (Christmas Eve): Family Holy Communion at 4.00 p.m., Holy Communion by Candlelight at 9.30 p.m. (see below).
Tue. 25th (Christmas Day): Holy Communion at 10.00 a.m.
Wed. 26th and Thu. 27th: Church Office closed.
Sun. 30th (Christmas 1): Holy Communion at 9.00 and 10.30 a.m.

·      Tim Chesterton’s days off are every Monday, and two Saturdays per month.
·      Jennifer ffolliott-Oujla works Tuesday to Friday, 9 a.m. – noon. Jen does not work Sundays, so please do not ask her to!

Sunday Dec. 2nd: Christmas Concert at 7.00 p.m. A Christmas Variety Concert will be followed by our traditional Christmas tableau, all under the capable leadership of Eva Thompson. Tickets are now on sale, priced $10 each or $25 per family. All proceeds will go toward our World Vision project this year, which is an appeal to help the victims of famine in the Horn of Africa.

Sunday Dec. 23rd: ‘Service of Lessons and Carols and Bring-a-Friend’ at the 10.30 service. The Scripture readings tell the story of Christmas, starting from the Old Testament prophecies and then continuing with the Gospel stories of Jesus’ birth. In between these readings we sing carols – plenty of them! – so, if you like the carols of Christmas, this is the service for you. Some of the carols will be sung by everyone, some will be special performances by members of our congregation.

Many Christmas carols are familiar and enjoyable to people who are not churchgoers, and a service which does not include communion can be easier for them to participate in as well. This is a ‘bring-a-friend’ service, so please invite friends or family members who do not normally go to church; the service will be structured with them in mind.

Stewardship Pledge Forms. Have you returned your stewardship pledge forms for 2013? Please note that this is a vital year for us to know how much we can expect to receive from our members, as we have to make decisions about the viability of our building project. Whether you feel you can give a little or a lot, please let us know as soon as possible how much you hope to give in 2013, so that we can plan accordingly.

For a number of years now we have noticed a change in the pattern of our Christmas services. The Carol Service on the Sunday before Christmas is growing and has become the biggest service of the Christmas season for us. Our Christmas Day service is also slowly growing. Christmas Eve, however, has been slowly shrinking for several years. In order to address this we are going to try a different pattern for Christmas Eve services this year:
·      Mon. Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve): 4.00 p.m. Informal Holy Communion for Families. The first part of the service (readings, sermon, prayers of the people) will be simplified and adapted and will include special activities for children. We hope that our families with pre-school children will find this a good service to attend.
·      Mon. Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve): 9.30 p.m. Holy Communion by Candlelight. This service will replace our traditional 11.00 p.m. ‘Midnight Service’.
·      Tue. Dec. 25th 10.00 a.m. Holy Communion for Christmas Day.

Coming in January: ‘Sundays at 4’. This is a new service at St. Margaret’s; it will be about 60 minutes long and will be followed by a light soup and sandwich supper. It will follow the basic outline of our Anglican liturgy but will be less formal and very family-oriented, and will experiment with creative ways of exploring Christian teaching for adults and for children.

Note: we’re currently looking for volunteers to help with this service, especially Sunday School teachers and musicians. We’re also looking or folks to be the ‘seed’ of this new service and to invite new people to come and try us out. Talk to Tim if you’d like to join the team!

Sunday January 13th: ICPM Lunch at the Bissell Centre
Once again our congregation will be helping prepare and service lunch for the congregation that attends Sunday services with the Inner City Pastoral Ministry at the Bissell Centre. We will be looking for volunteers to help prepare sandwiches beforehand, and then to go down to the Bissell Centre on Sunday to serve the lunch. Look for signup sheets on the table in the foyer, or contact Maggie Woytkiw to offer to help (Jen at the church office can give you Maggie’s contact information). Note that financial donations are also needed.

Lent Course 2013: ‘The Story the Bible Tells’
Many Christians are familiar with individual stories of the Bible, but don’t quite know where to ‘hang’ them on the big ‘Story the Bible Tells’. This course is designed to give you an overview of the sweep of biblical history from Genesis to Revelation, and will also focus in on some individual stories within that big story.

The course will be held on the Thursdays of Lent; however it will not start on the first Thursday as this is Valentine’s Day! The dates and themes are as follows:
·      Thursday Feb. 21st: ‘From Abraham to Joshua’.
·      Thursday Feb. 28th: ‘From Joshua to the Exile’
·      Thursday Mar. 7th: ‘From the Exile to John the Baptist’
·      Thursday Mar. 14th: ‘The New Testament Story’
·      Thursday Mar. 21st: ‘Reading the Bible Today’.
Watch for signup sheets for this course in late January!

Vital Church Planting Conference 2013: ‘Being Disciples’ (Feb. 5th-7th at the Matrix Hotel, Edmonton).
Discipleship is what Jesus calls us to do: to be disciples, and to make new disciples. Vital Church Planting Conference 2013 is all about discipleship. Bishop Graham Cray ‘Being Culturally Relevant’ and other interesting speakers will offer talks and workshops on Being Disciples and Making Disciples.

Visit for information and registration.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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