Friday, March 2, 2012

Building Expansion ideas

Below are some elevation drawings which our architect has sent us. None of this is carved in stone, but this is the idea we are currently working with as we look toward building extension. In each case you can click on the picture to get a much larger view.

This first picture shows the projected building expansion from just beside the current church building. This does not give a very good view of the expansion but is useful to get things oriented. Behind the current church you can see the proposed hall, a connecting foyer between them with a beautiful tower that will add a lot of light to the entrance area. The new office spaces are obscured from view behind the current church. Note that the current entrance to the church has been walled in to form a nursery area at the back of the current worship area; the new main entrance would be slightly to the left of the glass tower. Note also that trees, parking lots, roads etc. do not appear on these plans.

This next drawing is from the perspective roughly of Ellerslie Road. The current church and foyer is on the right. As you can see there is a large hall added on the left, which will require us to take down a few trees, but not too many. The new main entrance is slightly to the left of the glass tower. Kitchen and washrooms are in the front of the new extension, then the hall is under the larger roof behind.

This next drawing is taken from above and to the rear. On the left is the current church building; the altar area is at the bottom of the picture and to the left. On the right you can see the size of the new hall which is designed to seat 120 people at round tables (banquet seating) and will have plenty of room for our Spaghetti Church and other social functions, not to mention Sunday School, other outreach activities, and building rentals. The small addition to the lower right hand area of the picture is office space; it includes offices for two clergy and a reception space for administrative assistant(s). As you can see there is a new entrance path to this area; we are projecting a new parking lot at the bottom of this picture, in the space currently between the church and 127 Street. We need to put it here because underground gas pipelines, along with city plans to expand Ellerslie Road in the near future, preclude us building it in front of the current parking lot,

Here is a transparent elevation from the same angle. As before, bottom right is the office space; there is then a large hall space (subdividable into two by a room divider), and then at top right is the kitchen, bathrooms and some storage space. Current church building is on the left.

This is another transparent elevation, only from the front rather than the back. The current church building is on the right. Bottom left is the new entranceway, then bathrooms and the kitchen. The hall is behind, then storage areas and finally the offices are obscured at the back.

This is a very exciting design and would radically improve our ability to do ministry and to connect with the neighbourhood around us.

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