Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spaghetti Church is today (Saturday) at St. Margaret's!

This is our monthly opportunity for parents and children (and grandparents too) to play, sing, learn, pray, and eat together. The theme this month is 'The Story of Joseph' (the Old Testament character from Genesis, not the New Testament husband of Mary!). Here's what we're up to today:

· Arrival time, welcome, name tags (basement).
· Tim Chesterton will lead an opening prayer at 3.30, and will introduce the theme for the day.
· Crafts/Games time (basement):
o   Regular craft led by Amy Cook/Barb Cavey
o   Dessert craft led by Tricia Laffin
· Teaching time (upstairs):
o   Tim will get one of the kids to light the candle.
o   Tim will lead the songs.
o   Sarah Doyle will tell the story of Joseph.
o   Esther Stocker will lead us in our prayers.
· Supper:
o   Sally Floden and Elsie McFall are cooking.
o   We have enough pasta to feed the Russian army, so no one needs to bring any!
o   Marci Chesterton is bringing one pot of pasta sauce.
o   Melanie Ericksen is bringing a second pot of pasta sauce
o   Esther Stocker is bringing veggies
o   Aynsley Verrill is bringing garlic bread
o   Peter Rayment is bringing dessert
· Cleanup: Elsie McFall and all of us!

Hope to see you there!

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