Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Church is Moving Ahead!

Two motions were passed at our Spring Congregational Meeting on Sunday June 5th. Names of movers and seconders are not included here but are available in the minutes for those who would like to know them.

Moved by _________________, seconded by _________________, that since we believe God’s call to St. Margaret’s involves remaining as a pastoral-sized congregation (i.e. average Sunday attendance 50-150), we begin planning for the planting of a new congregation worshipping in our present building (at a different time) when our attendance at the 10.30 service approaches capacity, and that we begin to make preparations for such expansion of the building as will be necessary to provide adequate program and office space both for our present congregations and for another congregation of this size. Carried unanimously.

Moved by ________________, seconded by _______________, that St. Margaret’s vestry be authorized to commence planning for an expansion to incorporate program space and office space, and to contact the Diocesan Property and Planning Committee for guidance and assistance in this matter; that vestry create a committee to oversee the planning; that a financial campaign be started to raise funds for an expansion; that the vestry be authorized to expend up to $25,000 for preliminary designs for the expansion, the funds to come from currently held memorial trust funds and/or the ‘future building’ trust funds. Carried unanimously.

Thanks be to God!

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