Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 9 - 15


Monday, August 9

Tim’s Holiday until August 16

Sunday, August 8 – Pentecost 12

9:00 am Holy Communion led by Jon Connell

10:30 am Holy Communion led by Jon Connell

Growing Prayer at St.Margaret’s

Each week we offer special prayers for two families in our congregation.

Church Families:

Len and JoAnne Holstrom

Michelle, Jason, Brynlee, Shayden and Nevaeh Horn

Weekly Prayer Cycle: Kitchen Volunteers

Sunday September 26th is Back to Church Sunday.

Welcome Notes . . . .

Guests who come to our church have a reasonable expectation that we regular attendees come here because we love God and want to follow Jesus. But do they ever hear us talking about that amongst ourselves after the service? For example, do they hear us talking about the sermon and how it applies to our lives, or sharing prayer requests with each other? And if they don’t, what are they going to think about the relevance of our faith to our daily lives?


St. Margaret’s 30th Anniversary: On September 12, 2010 St. Margaret’s will celebrate 30 years. We will have one service at 10am and a BBQ will follow. Bishop Jane Alexander will preside at the service.

St. Margaret’s Summer Bulletin Campaign

This summer we would like to see what churches were visited over the summer months. When you are on holidays we ask that you bring the bulletins from the churches attended back to St. Margaret’s and post them on the board in the foyer.

Fall Newsletter: If you would like to make a submission to the fall newsletter please get it to the church office By August 25, 2010.

Do you have historical pictures of St. Margaret’s? Stan Gerber is pulling together a powerpoint presentation for our 30th Anniversary. He would like to “borrow” any historical pictures you might have.


Salvation Army total to date $1175

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