Friday, July 9, 2010

July 12 to 18, 2010


Monday, July 12th

Tim’s Day Off

Office Closed

Tuesday, July 13th

11:15 St. Joseph’s Holy Communion

Friday, July 16th

6:00 pm Wedding Rehearsal (rental)

Saturday, July 17th

Afternoon Wedding (rental)

Sunday, July 18th – Pentecost 8

9:00 am Holy Communion

10:30 am Holy Communion and Baptism

Growing Prayer at St.Margaret’s

Each week we offer special prayers for two families in our congregation.

Church Families:

Ronald Goss,

Alex Greenwood & Alex Blasius (wedding August 21)

Weekly Prayer Cycle: Lay Administrants

Sunday September 26th is "Back to Church Sunday".

Welcome Notes . . . .

If you were inviting guests for an evening in your home, would you sit and talk with them for an hour and then offer them coffee as they were about to leave? Is there something we need to change about the way we do coffee hour at church?


Additional Sunday School Class: There will be a Sunday School Class for Pre-school children commencing in the fall. Anyone interested in having their name on the volunteer roster for that class please speak with Erin McDougall. There will be more information available soon for Parents wishing to enrol their pre-school children in the Sunday school class.

St. Margaret’s 30th Anniversary: On September 12, 2010 St. Margaret’s will celebrate 30 years. We will have one service at 10am and a BBQ will follow. Bishop Jane Alexander will preside at the service.

St. Margaret’s Summer Bulletin Campaign

This summer we would like to see what churches were visited over the summer months. When you are on holidays we ask that you bring the bulletins from the churches attended back to St. Margaret’s and post them on the board in the foyer.

St. Margaret’s would like to participate in the Pac Sack Appeal project led by the ICPM. ICPM is seeking churches and interested persons who would be willing to donate packsacks containing needed personal items. If you are willing to assist us in this appeal, please begin gathering used or inexpensive pack sacks and fill them with, Comb or brush, Cotton Socks, Lip balm, Note pad and pen, Sun screen, Fun item (crossword, cards), Hand lotion, Chocolate or energy bar, Toothbrush, Small Kleenex, Toothpaste, Wash cloth, Dental floss, $10 grocery food voucher or McDonald’s voucher, Deodorant and a Nail file. If you have a packsack you would like to fill and donate please bring it to the church and we will have a deposit box set up. Any further questions can be directed to Pastor Rick Chapman at (780) 424-7652 or e-mail

Do you have historical pictures of St. Margaret’s? Stan Gerber is pulling together a powerpoint presentation for our 30th Anniversary. He would like to “borrow” any historical pictures you might have. Please get them to him soon as September comes quickly.

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