Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 7-13


Monday, June 7th

Tim’s Day Off

Office Closed

Tuesday, June 8th

11:15 am St. Joseph’s Holy Communion

Wednesday, June 9th

3:30 pm Corporation Meeting

Thursday, June 10th

7:00 am Men’s Bible Study at Bogani Café

2:00 pm Women’s Bible study at Marg Rys’s house

Saturday, June 12th

Tim at Lay Reader Training

Sunday, June13th – Pentecost 3

10:00 am Confirmation Service

NOTE: There is only one service on June 13th for Confirmation.

CALENDAR CORRECTION – there will be no Seniors Lunch in June. Seniors Lunch will start up again in the fall.

Growing Prayer at St.Margaret’s

Each week we offer special prayers for two families in our congregation.

Church Families:

Charles, Glenda and Alexander Enns

Darrin, Melanie, Treyton and Tanner Eriksen

Weekly Prayer Cycle: Sunday School Teachers

St. Margaret’s Summer Bulletin Campaign

This summer we would like to see what churches were visited over the summer months. When you are on holidays we ask that you bring the bulletins from the churches attended back to St. Margaret’s and post them on the board in the foyer.

CAMTA Outreach Totals: $1950


Volunteers Needed for Spring Clean up: After the 10:30 service today, we will do the spring clean up. It would be greatly appreciated if you could stay for a few minutes to lend a helping hand. Gloves and garbage bags will be provided.

Annual Fellowship Barbeque - June 26th: Held at the Rice’s acreage. You are invited at arrive anytime after 3pm. This is a potluck supper. If anyone has a set of horse shoes (the game) or a volley ball net, or any other appropriate BBQ games would you please let the church office know or Beryl Rice.

The Anglican Journal Circulation has asked that we update the mailing list. Please let the church office know if your address has changed, you are not currently receiving a copy of the Anglican Journal and would like to, or if you would like to be removed from the mailing list. Please let me know of any necessary changes on or before June 11, 2010.

Letters to Nipa and Partel – If you would like to send a letter to one or both of our Sponsor Children, please get you letter in to the church office on or before June 11. World Vision suggests you tell him or her about your family, activities, and where you live. Please do not write your address inside the letter. To learn about our sponsor children see their profiles on the Outreach Bulletin board downstairs.

Women’s Bible Study – Note that the women’s 7am Bible study has ended until the fall, and the Men’s Bible study will end in early July.

Additional Sunday school Class!: There will be a Sunday School Class for Pre-school children commencing in the fall. Anyone interested in having their name on the volunteer roster for that class please speak with Erin McDougall. There will be more information available soon for Parents wishing to enrol their pre-school children in the Sunday school class.

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